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  Assignment 1 - Create an "Environment" Lesson Plan  

The objective of this assignment is to create a lesson plan using Common Core and the TEAM model "Scoring and Evidence Template: Environment" as a guideline. Lesson plans will be completed within a collaborative setting.  Each collaborative group will present their (single group) lesson plan to the class using the Moodle website.  The goal of this assignment is to provide the pre-service teacher with the necessary skills to produce strong lesson plans focusing on the TEAM "Scoring and Evidence Template: Environment" scoring document.  The lesson plan, completed as a group, will be posted on the Moodle site for peer review. (Only one completed lesson plan will be uploaded for each group.)


Create a Lesson Plan- This is a group assignment; everyone in the group will make equal contributions during the creation of this lesson plan. 1) Use the Lesson Plan Assignment document as the guiding principle during the development of your lesson plan.  2) Download and use the Team Model Lesson Plan Template to complete the lesson plan.  Remember that the focus is to promote the "Environment" within this lesson plan.  3) The Driving Question- How is it it possible to integrate the concepts found in the Scoring and Evidence Template into the document to get the highest possible score on your lesson plan?  4) E-mail the completed lesson plan to the course instructor, and upload the completed document to Moodle.  5) Peer Review- When the documents are posted on the website, each class member will complete the Scoring and Evidence Template for each of the posted lesson plans.  When completed, upload the Scoring and Evidence Templates (above) to the Moodle website.


Be sure to include your Essential Questions within your Lesson Plan. 


Developing Learning Objectives Use this site to develop the Learning Objective

Digital Blooms

  Lesson Plan Models  
  Watch the video Writing a 5 Lesson Plan (Video 30:15 Min.)  

Tennessee Electronic Learning Center

  Additional resources to help you to complete your lesson plan.  

Additional Resources - Curriculum Standards

  Lesson Plan With Examples Video _Video (11:25 Min.)  
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