Developing Learning Objectives  
What needs to be learned?  |  Who needs to learn it?  |  Are there Prerequisites?

1. Identify the Learner

2. Establish the Importance for Learning

Is there a prerequisite for the learning?

3. Identify the Objective

Develop a Needs Assessment.

This should be based on the Performance Gap that has been identified.

It begins with clear goals. 

4. Create the Objective

Writing Objectives Using Bloom's Taxonomy  

Bloom's Taxonomy Revised 


Digital Bloom's


5. Assess the Learning




Goals versus Objectives


Measurable Objectives Worksheet  (use this one)


Writing Learning Objectives  



Words that should not be used when developing objectives.


Know, really know, understand, appreciate, become, enjoy, comprehend, increase, learn, think, approach, improve, believe, recognize, grasp the significance of, gain/expand knowledge, study, grow, cover.