We should teach by questioning; not telling.  Socrates
Learning Objective: 100% of pre-service teachers enrolled in EDUC 216/515 will produce a Plickers presentation demonstrating Eric Mazur's concept of Peer Instruction.
  Introduction Video: Plickers / Peer Instruction Assignment (Video 23:08 Min.)  
This assignment involves the process of integrating Plickers, using Peer Instruction as the guiding principle, into the classroom.
Step 1: Create a free account at

Watch the following videos


Plickers (Video 8:38 Min.)


Plickers FREE app and How I Use it! (Video 11:58 Min.)


Additional Instructional Plickers Videos

How to Use Plickers (Part 1 of 3 - Video 5:58 Min.)


How to Use Plickers (Part 2 of 3 - Video 8:30 Min.)


How to Use Plickers (Part 3 of 3 - Video 8:30 Min.)


Plickers cards may be downloaded from this link Plicker Cards. You do not need to print out the entire set of cards from this pdf file. You need only to print enough cards to complete your assignment.  This link, Backside of Plickers, is a word document that has the backside of the Plickers card.  In addition, this has been created using MS Word so that you may edit the wording on the back of the card.

Step 2: Investigate the concept of Peer Instruction

Introduction- Peer Instruction for Active Learning - Eric Mazur (Video 13:56 Min>)


• Read the information found at Peer Instruction


• Watch the Video Confessions of a Converted Lecturer: Eric Mazur (Video 1 hour 20 min.), and answer the questions Peer Instruction Questions. When completed, e-mail the document to the instructor.


• Watch Eric Mazur Shows Interactive Teaching (Video 8:30 Min.)

  Additional Links  

ConcepTest Flow Chart


The Advantages of using the Clickers with Students




Peer Instruction Questions


Peer Instruction for Active Learning - Eric Mazur (Video 13:56 Min>)


Writing Great Clicker Questions: Faculty Workshop


Science Education Initiative  (The best resource to develope a greater understanding of Peer Instruction)


Digital Blooms


Learning Environments


Rigor and Relevance Chart

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