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  Chapter 7: Creating a Vision  

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Purpose for these assignments


1.  To assess your ability to create a vision for a group or an organization.

2.  To help you understand how visions are formed.

Assignment 7A: Leadership Vision Questionnaire



1. Think for a moment of a work, school, social, religious, musical, or athletic organization of which you are a member.  Now, think what you would do if you were the leader and you had to create a vision for the group or organization.  Keep this in mind when you complete the 7.2 Leadership Vision Questionnaire.


2. After completing the Questionnaire, and reviewing the Videos and Supplemental Readings below, complete the  7.4 Reflection and Action Worksheet.  When completed, upload the document to the Moodle site.


Remember to complete the document using all of the all of the available chapter resources.

  Supporting Videos Chapter 7  

How Great Leaders Inspire Action (Video 18:34 Min.)


Why Values-Based Leadership Matters (Video 2:31 Min.)


President Kennedy 1961 Inaugural Address (Video 13:42 Min.)

  Supplemental Reading Chapter 7  

Visionary Leadership Theory