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  Chapter 5: Attending to Tasks and Relationships  

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Purpose for this assignment


1.  To identify how much you emphasize task and relationship behaviors in your life.


2.  To explore how your task behavior is related to your relationship behavior.

  Assignment 5A: Task and Relationship Questionnaire & Reflection & Action Worksheet  



1.  Download the 5.2 Task and Relationship Questionnaire, for each of the items on the questionnaire, indicate on the scale the extent to which you engage in the described behavior.  Move through the items quickly.  Do not try to categorize yourself in one area or another.

2.  Download the 5.4 Reflection and Action Worksheet; answer the Reflection and Action questions.  When completed, upload the document to the Moodle upload site.


Remember to complete the document using all of the all of the available chapter resources.

Supporting Videos

Patient with a Relationship Oriented Personality (Video 0:55 Min.)

Text versus Visual Communication (Video 1:46 Min.)

Project Leadership 101: Task Focus versus People Focus (Video 3:55 Min.)


Emotional Intelligence: How Good Leaders Become Great (Video 33:38 Min.)

  Supplemental Reading  

Task and Relationship-Oriented Trust In Leadership


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