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Chapter 4: Understanding Philosophy and Styles

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Purpose for these assignments


1.  To identify your style of leadership.
2.  To examine how your leadership style relates to other styles of leadership.

  Assignment 4A:  Identify Your Instinctive Leadership Style  



1.  Take the online test from the link The Leadership Legacy Assessment Test: Identifying Your Instinctive Leadership Style to determine your instinctive leadership style.


2.  Based on the information derived for the online assessment (above), download the 4.1 Leadership Styles Questionnaire Interpretation document  and answer the questions.  When completed, upload the document to the Moodle site.

  Assignment 4B: Leadership Styles Questionnaire & Leadership Styles Reflection  



1.  Download the 4.2 Leadership Styles Questionnaire and complete the statements by circling the number that indicates the degree to which you agree or disagree.  Give your immediate impressions; remember that there are no right or wrong answers.



2.  Download the 4.4 Leadership Styles Reflection and answer the Reflection Questions and the Action QuestionsWhen completed, upload the document on the Moodle site.

Supporting Videos

Three Leadership Styles: Overview of Lewin's Leadership Styles (Video 2:06 Min.)


McGregor's Theory X & Y (Video 5:05 Min.)


Team Leadership (Video 9:47 Min.)

  Supplemental Reading  

Authoritarian, Democratic, & Laissez-Faire Leadership