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Chapter 2: Recognizing Your Traits

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Purpose for these assignments


1.  To gain understanding of how traits are used in leadership.


2.  To develop an understanding of your own leadership traits.

  Assignment 2A: Recognizing Your Traits  



1.  Before reading Recognizing Your Traits, complete the Leadership Traits Questionnaire, which you will find on pp. 39-41.  As you read the chapter, consider your results on the questionnaire.  Complete the Excel Scoring Sheet, including the Scoring Interpretation, and submit the completed Excel Scoring Sheet using the Moodle Upload Link.  Remember to complete the "Summary and Interpretation" section located at the bottom of the Excel Spreadsheet.  Follow the instructions found on pp. 39-41 to complete the assignment.


Recognizing Your Traits


Leadership Traits Questionnaire


Excel Scoring Sheet

  Assignment 2B: Carl Jung's and Briggs Myers' Typology  



1.  Take the online Jung and Briggs Meyers' Typology Test

2.  After scoring the Test, indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the outcome of the assessment.  Download the Carl Jung’s and Briggs Meyers’ Typology Test Response document;  complete and upload the document to the Moodle upload site.


Remember to complete the document using all of the all of the available chapter resources.

  Supporting Videos  

Connie Podesta (Video 9:02 Min.)


Integrity (Video 2:33 Min.)


George Washington - Servant Leadership Personified (Video 1:57 Min.)


George Washington (Video 4:45 Min.)

Mother Teresa (Video 5:34 Min.)

Supplemental Reading

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