The English Language Acquisition Classroom (ELA)  
  Encourage Independent Reading  
  Infuse Pre-Reading and Pre-Writing Strategies  

Pre-Reading Strategies


Directed Reading-Thinking Activity


Pal Reading: Developing Fluency and Comprehension with Paired Reading


Increasing Your Students' Reading Fluency: Strategies That Work, Grades 1-3


Pre-Writing Strategies


Kindergarten Pre-Writing Lesson: Building Sentences

Kindergarten Pre-Writing Lesson: Questions and Answers


Kindergarten Pre-Writing Lesson: Opposite Words


Kindergarten Pre-Writing Lesson: Words and Pictures

  Teach Students to Annotate Text  

Close Reading


Jigsaws: A Strategy for Understanding Texts


Close Reading in Elementary Schools

  Ask Text-Based evidence Questions  
  Immerse Students in the Genre  
  Provide Options for Writing