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Learning Objective- The beginning developer will create a website to effectively communicate and provide resources to his/her students and parents with 95% accuracy by the end of this course.

Assignment: Website Creation (Video 9:50 Minutes)

Creating ePortfolios (article)

Assignment- Create a Webpage to provide students and parents with classroom information such as homework assignments, classroom rules, announcements, downloads, Internet links, online testing, surveys, etc.  These sites are free and you shouldn't need to purchase one of these host sites to complete this assignment.  This may be accomplished by using Microsoft Expression Studio 4, NVU, Weebly, Wix, or Site Builder.  Because of the simplicity of creating a website using Weebly, I would strongly suggest that you this program.  However, you may use any program to complete your website according to the "website contents assignment" below.  The tutorials (below) are excellent resources and should help guide you through this process.

Access and sign-up on the Weebly website to create a webpage. (see the Weebly tutorials below)

Weebly Tutorials

Here are some examples of student created websites.

Grading-  Most of the "methods" components of this course are graded using the website that you have created.  When you feel as though you have completed your website and have uploaded the assignments, please e-mail the instructor indicating that your website is ready for grading.  Please remember to include the link (url) of the website to the e-mail.  Your website will be graded by using the Website Contents and the Rubric listed below.

Required Website Contents


Assignment- Create the following 5 Webpages (Using Weebly, Wix, NVU or Expression)

1. Home Page

• Choose a design that best fits your needs; a photograph personalizes and adds a nice tough to your website.

• Create hyperlinks to all the pages in your website from the home page.

2. Links/Downloads Page

• Find at least 4 educational websites and create hyperlinks to them.

• Create at least 3 links to educational videos.

• Download at least 3 videos (using Firefox) and and store them on your flash drive.

Create a Link to your Multimedia created Video.

3. Documents Page

• Upload and Create links to at least 3 lesson plans in a MS Word document format.  These may be from lesson plans that you have created in other classes or downloaded from the internet.  The only requirement is that they are uploaded in MS Word (.doc) format and have a component of technology within each of the lesson plans.

Upload and create links to at least 3 PowerPoint presentations that are related to your discipline.  You do not have to create these PowerPoints from scratch.  You may download educational PowerPoints from the Internet to use for this part of the assignment.

4. Announcements Page

• Create a page that might announce upcoming events, etc.

• List an example of "Classroom Rules" on this page.

5. Homework Page

• Create a page that includes homework assignments

Webpage RUBRIC (use this rubric as a guideline to develop your webpage)

It is also important to read and understand acceptable use policies that a Local Education District (LEA) may have adopted. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act  (FERPA) establishes rules for the appropriate use of student names, pictures, and other information on the Internet. Creating classroom websites comes with tremendous responsibility and liability for both the teacher and LEA.