Interactive White Board Training

SMART Technologies / Promethean Training
  Learning Objective- The teacher will demonstrate the ability to present a lesson using an interactive whiteboard to guide the instructional process with at least 90% accuracy.  
  Student Objectives-
     Demonstrate proficiency in the use of an Interactive Whiteboard.
          1. Orient/Calibrate the Board
          2. Use tools and keyboard
          3. Open and run a PowerPoint presentation
          4. Install and run an interactive application

Promethean Tips PDF download


Your Top Teaching Tips (Promethean)


Complete SMART Board Tutorial (Video 9:12 Min.)

Practical Whiteboard Exam

Plickers Evaluation Rubric  (Use this is the assessment tool for this assignment)

eInstruction Downloads
  This is an excellent (freeware) program that will allow you to practice with an Interactive Whiteboard on your PC. This program should provide you with practical experience with an Interactive Whiteboard.  
  Interactive Whiteboard Activities  
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