Data Collection/Management

  Learning Objective- The teacher will manage and organize electronic data files.  

Introduction Video: Data Collection / Management Assignment (Video 12:27 Min.)


Assignment Review: Downloading 3 Videos into the Video Folder (Video 7:23 Min.)

  Data management for the classroom teacher is very important.  First, a teacher should collect all data using an external flash/hard drive.  Classroom data, e.g. instructional videos, worksheets, documents, Excel worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, etc., should be saved on a external hard drive that you may purchase at a local department store.  Storing your data on a school district's computer is not recommended.    
  Organizing the hard drive is also an important consideration.  For the K-6 environment data should be stored in weeks.  In most instances, there are 36 weeks in a school year.  Instructional materials for the K-6 environment should be stored within the folders listed as week 1, week 2, week 3, etc.  For the middle school and secondary environments, data should be stored within folders labeled by concept or subject.  
  All subfolders should be stored within one single folder labeled "data", "work", etc.  This will allow the teacher to easily backup the primary folder, e.g. "data", to another external drive for safe keeping.  This is a sample command line that may be used to backup data from your hard drive "e:\data" to "f:\data" (xcopy e:\data\*.* f:\data /e /a /d /s /h /y).  This backup concept will be explained in greater detail during class.  

Data Management Assignment-

Using an external flash or hard drive...

  1. Create a folder named "data"

  2. Create subfolders named "docs", "pics", "videos", "lesson_plans" and "ppt" in the "data" folder.  This will be used to store your assignments for grading.

  3. Store downloaded videos, documents, PowerPoint presentations, pictures, lesson plans, and etc. to the folders and sub-folders that you have created within the external drive.