Common Errors found within Student Submitted Work  

Common Errors found within student submitted papers-

Please look out for the proper use of contractions, e.g.,  can't, don’t, isn’t, etc. As a general rule, we do not use contractions within formal writing.

  • The pronoun "I" must be capitalized when used in a sentence. ("i" is incorrect)

  • Its - is an adjective; it’s (it is) - is a noun.

  • "alot" is not found in the dictionary

  • Quotes usually begin with a capitol letter, e.g., Shermer (2006) said, "Once the research..."

  • Unless you start the quote with 3 periods- Shermer (2006) said, "…research begins with…"

  • Please remember to "Spell Check" your work.

  • Check the proper use of subject verb agreement.

  • When citing two author's- "Hastings and Johnson (2000) stated..."

  • For in-text cites, for three, four or five authors, list all names followed by commas the first time, and only first author followed by et al. and date for subsequent cites; for six or more authors, use the abbreviation et al. following the first author name for all cites.

  • When citing more than two authors- "Hastings et al. (2010) found that most..."

  • Do not directly quote another author's work unless you use quotations with a citation including the page number.

  • Example- (p. 124). for a single page, or  (pp. 124-125). for multiple pages.

    It is always best to paraphrase another author's idea; however, make sure that you properly cite the author.