Accelerated Reader/Renaissance Reading is widely used throughout the nation; however, research supports the idea that using it incorrectly may have a negative affect on student achievement. Competition, testing validity, and appropriate ZPD are important factors to consider when using the program. The section (below) contains articles that may enlighten educators on the proper use of the program.

Accelerated Reader   RR Sadusky & Brem (Refer to the Topics Below)
  Teacher Effectiveness & Computer Assessment of Reading (Refer to Topics Below)
Optional Project   The Accelerated Reader program is one of the oldest and most widely used software programs used in schools. According to research (see the above hyperlinks), Accelerated Reader has significantly increased reading scores in schools when used correctly; conversely, the program may have damaging effects when used improperly.
Key Topics for Discussion
Star Testing
Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) (Sadusky & Brem, p. 17)
Zoning the Zone
What happens when students read outside of their Zone of Proximal Development?
The Point System (pros and cons) (Sadusky & Brem, p. 21)
Competition (pros and cons) (Sadusky & Brem, pp. 23-24)
Reading Easy Books (Sanders & Topping, pp. 9-10)
Teacher Effectiveness (Sanders & Topping, p. 20)
Teacher Training (Sanders & Topping, p. 22)
Discussion (Sanders & Topping, p. 23)
Conclusion (Sanders & Topping, pp. 24-25)
Action Implications (Sanders & Topping, pp. 26-27)