Creating a FrontPage Website


1. Open your Web Page




3.     Login to your Website

4.     A username and password will be provided by the Instructor.




5.     This is what the opened Web Page looks like.


6.     Add Text to the Default.htm page.




7.     Left Click and Drag the Cursor Across the text.

8.     Pick the Font Style and Color.




9.     From a known location, choose a graphic image to insert into your default page.

10.  Use “Copy” and “Paste”





11.  This is an example of the “pasted” image.




12.  This is a good time to save your work.

13.  Go to “File”, then “Save”




14.  You will be prompted to upload the image from your computer to the Web Server.

15.  Click on “Change Folder”



16.  Choose the “images” folder

17.  Click on “OK”




18.  Look In your “Folder List” to see if the image appears below the folder called “Images”.





19.  Create a “New Folder” in your “Folder List”. This is called the Root Web.



20.  Name the new folder “Download”.




21.  Now, we need to create a table on the “Default” page for Hyperlinks.




22.  Enter the number of Rows and Columns.

23.  Set the Alignment to Center.

24.  Set the Boarder size to 0.



25.  Notice the Rows and Columns




26.  At this point open Microsoft Word and create a word document so that you may upload the document to the “Download” folder on your Website.

27.  Then Choose Save or Save As…



28.  Under “File name” type in the name of your document.

29.  Under “Save as type” Choose “Web Page”

30.  Then save the document at a known location, i.e. “Desktop”

31.  Remember to click on the “Save” button






32.  The Icon will appear on your Desktop.




34.  Right click on the “Test Calendar Example” icon, located on your Desktop, continue to hold the mouse button down, and drag the icon over into your download folder on the Web Server.




35.  If done correctly, the document will appear in the download folder.




36.  In the FrontPage Editor, type in the name of the “Hyperlink” that you wish to create within your table.

37.  Highlight the text

38.  Place the cursor over the highlighted text

39.  Right Click and Scroll down to Hyperlink… and Left Click



40.  Double Click the “Download” folder




41.  Double Click the “Test Calendar Example”




42.  If done correctly, the Hyperlink will appear underlined.




Setting Page Properties


43.  Right Click in the background of your FrontPage Editor

44.  Scroll down and click on “Page Properties”




45.  Under the “General” tab…

46.  Name the page Title:  Web Page Name Here




47.  Under the “Background” tab

48.  Choose Background: white

49.  Choose your Hyperlink Colors




50.  You may also choose additional colors.



51.  Remember to “Save” your work