8-Step Instructional Process

Pat Davenport describes the 8-Step Instructional Process as a continuous improvement teaching/learning cycle. Davenport (2003) stated, "It was formulated from instructional practices used in my classroom as well as from others who generously shared their own successful practices."


The cycle includes the following steps:

  1.   Disaggregate test data.
  2.   Develop an instructional timeline.
  3.   Deliver the instructional focus.
  4.   Administer frequent assessments.
  5.   Use tutorials to re-teach non-mastered target areas.
  6.   Provide enrichment opportunities for mastery students.
  7.   Reinforce learning through maintenance.
  8.   Monitor progress.


  Davenport also included other critical components for the 8-Step Process:
    Proven teaching strategies
    A no-nonsense, intense classroom environment
    Teachers who believe all students can succeed
    Hard work by both teacher and student